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Xbox Party!

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Team-building exercises aren’t all about trust falls and ropes courses – people like to have fun, especially with other people. And just hanging out and having fun together on a regular basis is one of the ways we create our team here at Antisyn.

And who in IT doesn’t like to play video games?

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Since our team has been buckled down lately and working especially hard to care for all of our awesome clients, we thought a great team bonding event would be an Xbox party. We’ve regularly done LAN parties at the office, but this was our first console party.

Luckily, we’re a very dashboard-driven company so all of our walls were already lined with big screen TV’s for us to use – all we needed to do was buy a ton of Xboxes. Add in a boatload of sushi and snacks, and the result was the perfect evening of just hanging out, laughing, gaming, and relaxing together.

Our first core value is “Focus on the People,” and for us that includes taking care of our team just as much as our clients. Having fun has always been core to our success, and tonight was an opportunity for our team to simply enjoy winding down with some good old-fashioned video games!

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