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IT Security Consulting that Helps You Sleep at Night

A Comprehensive, Holistic Approach to Cybersecurity

We know that proper cybersecurity is more than just deploying a tool. Our team takes a holistic approach to cybersecurity strategies so we can help you protect your Jacksonville business and reduce risks or potential exposure. The result of comprehensive cybersecurity is that you can rest in knowing that you’re covered, end-to-end, start-to-finish, from cyberthreats.

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Advanced Virus & Ransomware Protection

We know that viruses and ransomware attacks continue to be one of the most common cybersecurity risks businesses currently face. To help combat this, we provide advanced virus and ransomware protection designed to help stop these types of threats and help your company avoid a ransomware nightmare.  And without those types of nightmares, you’ll be able to sleep at night.

Advanced Email and Anti-Phishing Protection

Criminals continually try and trick your team via email with dangerous links and scams. We implement some of the strongest email protection systems available to help avoid these malicious messages from ever reaching your inbox. This will protect your organization as a whole and will reduce the time your employees have to spend attempting to qualify emails as legitimate or malicious.

Security Awareness Training for YOUR Staff

Ensuring that your team becomes “Security Aware” is one of the best defenses you can have against cyberthreats. Our team will provide ongoing end-user cybersecurity training to help your team better spot suspicious activity, making them less likely to fall victim to the tricks of cybercriminals. Your entire team will feel more confident, and you’ll have peace of mind in their security awareness.

Certified Cybersecurity Professionals

We’ll Help Keep Your Data Secure

It’s no small task to be responsible for the security of your clients’ and employees’ data. They trust in you to keep their information safe, and we can help you accomplish that. The Cybersecurity specialists at Antisyn will implement cybersecurity protection that goes beyond traditional IT skills.

To make sure our clients are continually leveraging the right approach, we have multiple trained and certified cybersecurity professionals on our team, right here in Jacksonville, FL, who regularly go through additional cybersecurity training so that we’re continually aware of new, potential threats.

We are experienced IT professionals-true partners who care about your future and understand IT needs.


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