Cyber Security That Protects Your Most Valuable Asset… Data

Make sure your network is safe and sound

The threat of cybercrime is growing everyday. Viruses, spyware and identity theft are now common occurrences. As a small business, it is even more important to find cost effective ways of to enable a cybersecurity program to keep your network secure from intruders because even a small breach can cause irreparable harm. According to the Gartner Group, 40% of small and medium businesses that manage their own network and use the Internet for more than e-mail will have their network accessed by an online intruder, and more than 50% won’t even know they were attacked. It's why cyber insurance has almost become a necessity for business.

The Antisyn team of computer security experts will defend your network from the always expanding number of online threats. Not only that but we will review your network and implement a series of systems and best practices tailored to the specific needs of your business.

Antisyn offers Network Security that has:

  • Reporting - get information on Internet usage when you want it
  • A secure perimeter - viruses and intruders are kept at bay
  • Strong filters - block unsafe or harmful websites
  • Wi-Fi and 4G services - safely use mobile devices throughout your office
  • Predictability - full security service and support for a monthly fee

You’ve spent countless hours and an unimaginable amount of hard work building your company from the ground up. Antisyn can help ensure you are protected to guarantee your time and effort isn’t undone by a security threat.

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