Computer Networking Services in Jacksonsville

Network Support

Looking for top-notch computer network support for your business in the Jacksonville, FL area? Antisyn is always here when you need us most!

We understand every minute counts when your business is facing a critical issue. That’s why Antisyn is always on call for our clients! When disaster strikes, we’re here to get your business running again.

Call 904-337-4000 for immediate assistance with:

  • Network Troubleshooting
  • Windows Server Support
  • Windows Workstation Support

Network Setup

Whether you need to access information from another office, another building, or another country, proper network setup and security is critical. Antisyn is here to review your needs and help you implement a secure, reliable network you can count on.

See us first for:

  • Wired Networking Services
  • Secure Firewall Installation
  • Remote Office & VPN Setup
  • Secure Wireless Installation

Network Consulting

Ready to make your technology really work for your business? Need advice on network upgrades or planning for the future? We take the hassle out of network changes or upgrades. Plus, we can help you organize and implement effective strategies to meet your business goals now and in the future.

Get the help you need for:

  • Computer & Network Upgrades
  • New Office Setup or Migration
  • Server Setup & Configuration
  • Network Planning & Design

Contact Antisyn to get started!