Award Winning IT Services in Orlando, FL

  • FAST RESPONSE – We know you need help FAST when it comes to IT issues
  • PROACTIVE – We will help your company prevent IT issues before they can become a problem
  • SECURE – Protect your business and reduce cybersecurity risk with our help
  • STRATEGIC – We will get to know your business and tailor our approach to YOUR unique needs
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“The people at Antisyn are truly amazing. They make sure that everything works and continually guide and advise me on ways to make further improvements.”

Testimonials of John Cabral

“No other outsourced IT support partner could deliver the proactiveness, quality, efficiency, and quick response time provided by Antisyn.”

Our IT Support for Orlando, FL, Businesses

Running a business can be stressful and shifting your focus from one crucial task to the next drains your energy. Let us focus on your IT and take that stress off your hands so you can apply your efforts to other things, like growing your business.

Quick IT Support Services

IT issues can be highly stressful. Having an IT team that can swiftly respond and resolve your problems can make a dramatic difference in how quickly you can resume business after a technological issue. When you work with Antisyn, you can rest assured that we will handle your problems swiftly and offer IT support solutions that work for your business.

If there’s a problem, we promise:

  • Our response time will be within an hour timeframe.
  • We will explain what’s happening in simple, easy-to-understand language.
  • Our team is available to you 24/7, so there is no waiting until the next business day for help.


Holistic cybersecurity is crucial to preventing data loss. If you are searching for an IT partner that understands how vital it is to prevent cyberattacks but also helps you recover in the aftermath of one, you need Antisyn. Our team is prepared to build a cybersecurity plan that protects your company and reduces the cybersecurity risks you are sure to run into as a business.

Let us help you with:

  • Specific protection against viruses and other cyber threats.
  • Email security to deny entry to phishing scams or other threats into your computer network.
  • Performing security training to keep good security practices fresh in your employees’ minds.

Cloud Services

Is your Orlando business searching for more flexibility in the workplace with better security? Cloud services may be the solution you are looking for in both of these instances. Reduce the cost of your IT services, expand your opportunities for innovation, and significantly increase your ability to hire the right people with the flexibility to let them work remotely, thanks to the cloud.

The cloud is an excellent tool for your business to utilize if:

  • You have a remote workforce that needs access to your files quickly and easily, at any time.
  • Better disaster recovery is a part of your overall IT strategy plan.
  • You desire flexibility and innovation in your workplace.

Get the IT Support You Deserve as an Orlando, FL, Business Owner

As a business owner, your clients, customers, and employees trust you to protect their sensitive data. You have built up a level of trust with these people, and you must keep that trust between you with robust, proactive IT support. That’s why you need a team of IT professionals just as dedicated as you to protect that information.

At Antisyn, we understand our responsibility as your IT services partner. We want to be a part of your success—so much so that we designed a holistic and consultative approach to support and empower you to make better decisions regarding your information technology and business. Let us help you achieve your business goals in Orlando with the best IT support available.

Let Antisyn Be the IT Support You Need

No matter what kind of IT support your Orlando, FL business needs, Antisyn can help. With our guidance, our clients tend to have fewer IT issues, better grasp their technology, and can move their business forward more quickly to achieve their business goals. You deserve this kind of attention and improvement too.

Get in touch with us and learn how our IT support can benefit your business today.

What Can Antisyn Do for Your Company?

Not only is Orlando home to some incredible attractions and world-famous tourist stops, but it is also home to businesses like yours that help keep the local economy alive. And as a small-to-midsized business in the chaotic Orlando, FL, you deserve IT support that isn’t so hectic or disorganized.

When you work with Antisyn, you can expect that our IT support will help your business achieve its goals and keep its sensitive data safe. Our dependable team acts quickly to ensure that you get IT help fast when you need it.

We are proactive in our protections and strategic enough to get to the root of your unique business needs. We want to build IT services that work for you. Get in touch with us today to learn more.